Come Hell or high water, I am with you

For future reference, anybody I see victim-blaming about this most recent turn of events will be unfollowed with extreme prejudice. 

Thank you and goodnight.

Greek or Latin?

For beauty, Greek. For ease, Latin. 

Greek may be pretty but grammatically it’s a clusterfuck. Latin is neat and orderly by comparison. 

Wet or Dry? Rain or Snowing? Sunny or Cloudy? Hamburger or Hot dog? Long hair or short? Curly or Straight? Dog or Cat? Fish or Bird? Egypt or China? Personal Fan or Ceiling Fan? Slot Machine or Poker?

Wet, Snowing, Sunny, Hamburger, long, straight, dog, bird, Egypt, ceiling fan, poker

Mayo or ketchup? Oatmeal or cereal? Cookies or Brownies? Yogurt or Ice cream? Vampires or werewolves? Zombie or Ghosts? Ninjas or Pirates? Greek or Roman? Anubis or Hades? Discord's Death or Sandman's Death? Time or Space?

Ketchup, cereal, cookies, ice cream, werewolves, ghosts, ninjas, Greek, Hades, Discworld, Time. 

Would you rather lose your voice or a limb?

Limb. Limb definitely. 

Poisoning or stabbing(someone)?


Poison is so indirect. Stabbing is up close and personal. 

Would you rather propose or be propose to?

Be proposed to. 

Never going to happen, but a girl can dream. 

Beer or Wine

Wine. I can’t handle beer. 

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